Starting in 1997 by joining the experimental hardcore band tobt on bass, Jens fell in love with this instrument. Over the years, he has been influenced by studying electric and double bass with Andreas Buchmann, Daniel Bätge, and Mark Roman.

Jens went through multiple styles and has been part of several bands including tobt, Life, Freak, Radig, Matore, Christina Rommel, Rockpirat, Hubert Kah, Markus Mörl, Fräulein Menke, Perter Hubert (UKW), Superjune and the Tikiwaves.

After experimenting with a combination of electric bass sounds and electronica since 2016, he started a bass-only project with the 2019 release of the EP Solobass Fantasien. This became his main project, which he enriched with live looping, effects, and finger drumming. This is where his experience with percussion instruments like Framedrums and Cajons fit in perfectly with the one-man-show setup.

After being heavily into Gary Willis, Michael Manring, and Ralf Gauck, he finally switched from fretted to fretless bass in 2020. The fretless bass became his primary instrument, with which he forms his woody, soft singing sounds that fit nicely with his experimental world music.

He also enjoys defining and modding every aspect of his instrument’s design, which led to the conception of his beautiful custom 6-string basses by Human Base and Torillo.

As an author, he published his first book in 2021. Groove Breathing covers the almost uncharted issue of breathing relaxed while playing an instrument. It contains multiple exercises for creating a relaxed state, brass-like thinking, and better timing.

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