Groove Breathing

Use your breathing to play musical instruments in a more relaxed way

The book Groove Breathing introduces a breathing technique that brings the musician’s body into harmony with the music, making it the resting anchor for solid timing. Suitable for guitar, drums, bass, keyboards, etc.

Why is breathing important?

Many musicians often breathe very tensely and physically tense up while playing their instrument in a concentrated way. This phenomenon occurs especially during difficult passages or in cases of stage fright, and can lead to timing problems in addition to stress symptoms.

How can musicians breathe in a relaxed manner?

Practicing breathing independently of phrases and measures makes it easy to intuitively find a calm breathing pattern in all musical situations that allows the breath to flow in a relaxed manner. The body is then in harmony with the music and no longer stands in its way, even in the case of stage fright or when playing difficult passages.

Exercises in breathing patterns

The exercises offer breathing patterns for different metrical situations. To write down even complex patterns, Jens introduces a special notation for the breath that makes it easy to follow along with the music.

Have a look

Table of Contents

Breathe deeply

The method in brief

Pre-exercise 1: Be aware of your breath
Pre-exercise 2: Play a fill and take a breath

A notation for the breath
Line of air
The Respiro clef
The note Inspirare (In)
The note Espirare (Es)
Breathing pauses

Practicing breathing patterns

The steady hand
Half the bird
The 4/4 horse
The whistling horse
The 4/4 horse with tie
The 8/4 snake
The whistling snake
The 3/4 dancing bear
The 6/4 spider
The 5/4 elephant

What to do next after the exercises


About the author

Hi, my name’s Jens Papenroth, and I’ve been playing the electric bass in various bands and styles since 1997. In addition, there have also been some excursions into double bass, cajón, and frame drum.
In recent years, I have concentrated on the electric bass as a solo instrument and placed it at the center of my compositions. The impulse to combine music with breathing techniques comes from my enthusiasm for yoga, jogging, and swimming. I sincerely hope you enjoy this book.

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